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The weather has finally changed! The nursery is fully stocked with all the bedding plants, hanging baskets and hardy plants you will need for your garden. Our home grown herbaceous is looking fabulous and at amazing prices. We are busy making hanging baskets daily, both for customer orders and general sale!

The production greenhouse is full to bursting with all the seasonal colour and vegetables you'll need.

In the shop we have a new range of Alexander Rose furniture, pots, urns and gifts. The gift shop has a great range of products from Gisela Graham, Adobe and One World - loads of wonderful things for you to treat yourself, or a loved one!

We are in the process of finishing the front entrance work but, now the season is on us, this will have to go on hold until August, so look forward to seeing our new and improved entrance towards the autumn.


After Christmas we started work on developing the nursery more and reorganising ourselves to create new, easier to locate departments throughout the nursery, including a new hardening ground at the top of the nursery for all the bedding plants.

We are starting to get our new nursery stock in and we have our herbaceous perennial in. We have new shrubs, 'Watch 'em grow' summer bedding plants, new garden furniture, pots & stoneware, new seasons giftware, Spring flowering bedding, potatoes and seeds. We also have a new range of mature trees and shrubs for an instant effect in the garden!

PLUS we now have our own range of gift vouchers that can be purchased in denominations of £1, £5, £10 and £20 - so if you can't find the perfect gift, treat somebody to a visit and they can find their own!

As you can tell by the absence of updates in the summer months, we've had a busy time, culminating in our Summer Garden Party for club members.

Now that Autumn is fast approaching we are finding ourselves getting ready for the onslaught of winter quicker this year than ever! We are moving all the hardy plants this winter into the long greenhouse so we can hopefully sustain less losses than last year. So don’t panic if you come to the nursery and think we have no plants, that's where you need to go!!! We aren’t heating the greenhouse, but will be venting it so the plants will remain perfectly hardy for purchase. It just helps keep the roots a couple of degrees warmer!

We have got all the winter bedding growing now in the production greenhouse and many of the lines are ready for sale now, along with the home-grown Cyclamen.

When you arrive at the nursery now you will notice that we are changing the entrance. The work will take all winter but we should hopefully be finished for spring 2012, with the new entrance easier for trolleys and wheelchairs and landscaping that we hope you'll find easier on the eye.
There aren’t many changes in the shop - just the introduction of a small Halloween department. Hopefully you will find some fun items for 31st October.

Summer is fast approaching and the production greenhouses are filling up quickly with a fantastic range of summer bedding plants. There are all the old favourites and a great selection of new varieties to try out.

Our range of grow your own vegetables is growing ever larger, including the strip vegetables for pricking out into the ground for cropping later in the year. Our tomato range has increased this year, plus all other vegetables from artichoke to squashes, cucumbers to cauliflowers.

Now's the time to get your summer bulbs in the ground for a good display later in the year - we have all you need for colour, scent and spectacle.

The development of the centre has ground a bit to a halt at the moment due to the early start to the season, but we will resume the landscape work at the front as soon as we can. Check out our fabulous new toilet, we know its a bit over the top, but only the best for our customers!

January/February 2011

We have been very busy through the drab months of January and February. The shop has been changed around to have all garden items together in a more customer friendly way. The inner shop is now dedicated to bird care, gifts, lighting, houseplants, a new book section including a range covering gardening to chicken keeping and seasonal offers.

The furniture department is filling up very quickly with a fantastic range of traditional and contemporary furniture from beautiful polyrattan sets to mahogany benches. The nursery has been laid out so customers can see each department easier with a new area for conifers, grasses, herbs and alpines. The pond plants have moved into the shade tunnel, where you will find our fabulous new range of Rhododendrons and Azaleas.

The production greenhouse is starting to fill up with new Summer bedding. A new batch of Spring flowering Pansies and Violas are ready for sale with Spring bulbs giving a fantastic pot full of colour.

The new toilets are very nearly finished. We are going to have both ladies and gents but as only the ladies will be open for this season (with the gents following later in the year) it'll be unisex for a few more months.....

Finally, we are well under way to changing our entrance. You will see the holes in the ground which will be edged in Sleepers very soon to make planting borders at the entrance. We will be making a new decking walkway into the shop to take away all the difficult bumps to the car park but have just run out of time, so you will have to wait for this to be completed after the busy season. Something to look forward to.....!

October/November 2010
Summer is sadly on its way out, but we have been busy growing our winter/ spring flowering bedding plants for some much needed colour during those drab winter months.

In the Geranium/ pot house we have just had some of the most fabulous pots delivered so come and have a look at the new ranges!

In the main shop you will now find a new houseplant area, so when it's too cold to grow anything outside, you can still enjoy some greenery and foliage indoors. Alongside this is the Christmas shop which has all your requirements to create a fantastic seasonal display. We know it's early, but it gives you a chance to spread out the Christmas shopping or just get some ideas and inspiration.

By mid October we are hoping our soft fruit and top fruit will be delivered, it all depends on the weather!!!

July/Aug 2010
Now all the bedding plants are in you can sit back and enjoy your garden. Or can you? If you've started to think that your old garden furniture needs re-vamping, why not join the NEW Fairview Gardeners Club and benefit from 20% off all furniture prices!

Summer is the season to look at filling in the gaps in your herbaceous and shrub borders. At the Fairview Gardener we have a huge range of herbaceous plants, shrubs and a specialist shade area crammed with plants, many species you will not have seen before. Fill those gaps for free if you're a member, as you qualify for a free tray of bedding plants or a free hand tool with any purchase while stocks last.

Our next building job was going to be the new entrance canopy but we had a re-think and have decided to give the customer toilet a makeover first, so if you can, go before you come for a the next few weeks! We'll let you know when it's finished and you know it's going to be worth it.

May 2010
Well Summer is finally on its way. All the tomatoes, veg and seasonal plants are potted up now and ready to grow on. We have got Helen madly planting up the hanging baskets for summer displays.

We now have a coffee area in the centre which is proving very popular - we serve all forms of coffees, teas, hot chocolate and cold drinks, plus a selection of cakes.

Our furniture department is fully stocked and just awaiting the BBQs for a hot summer.

March 2010
At long last we have our new cold shop finished and stocked full of propagation items, a huge hanging baskets range, new tools and the garden furniture department.

The Geranium/pot greenhouse is now fully open and brimmed full of a massive range of pots, potted bowls, terracotta and, at the moment, our Polyanthus can be found here.

The growing greenhouse is starting to quickly fill with summer bedding plants and a much larger range of vegetables are growing on in here, including tomatoes, peppers, broad beans.

Coming to the centre by Easter will be a new Gift shop with some new lines....... Wait to see!

Hopefully by Easter you will be able to enjoy a drink and something to eat in the centre.

February 2010
The cold shop is well under way now! We are getting paint on the walls and the stock is being put out. This is where we will be selling all our propagation, grow your own items, potting shed equipment and garden furniture.

We have managed to improve the surface of the car park by re-cycling the road scalpings from the A40 in Birdwood when it was resurfaced recently.

At the end of this month we will be starting to sow our summer seeds. Can’t wait for them warmer days!!!

December 2009
Rain, rain go away...!
With the onset of winter, the building work is slowing down, but things are still taking shape. The cold showroom has now been dug out and we're starting to lay down the brick work despite the poor weather. More hot tea and coffee needed! We hope to have stage one of the building work complete by spring 2010.

Come back soon to see how we're doing...

A very cold Paul.

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